Our Bistro

Star Hotel Sale (17) Thai beef side Star Hotel Sale (1)Toblerone Top Bistro Tania georgia beth emily eating cake Salmon Top Chicken Saltam Bocca side close Star Hotel Sale (18) Parma Close Star Hotel Sale (17) Rib Eye Top HalfStar Hotel Sale (3) Bruschetta 2 Top Star Hotel Sale (13) Cheese cake close Star Hotel Sale (14) Noodles Side Half jezz and alison friends eating cake bistro Star Hotel Sale (7) from behind the bar jason and nick with beer taps bistro Star Hotel Sale (5) Star Hotel Sale (3)

Our Function Room

_MG_7124 functions roast beef tasting spoon close 3 Sails Dancing 2 Cherry Tom mozzerella Sails Action Shot Roast beef tasting spoon Sails Dancing

Our Front Bar/Social

Tori Nat Nikki Front Bar front courtyard action shot Josh Nikki Nat Front Bar pool room action shot pool table action shot georgia Josh Nikki Nat Front Bar 2 Drinks focus pool room wine glass pool room Tori Jeremy Beth bistro fire place Tania Jason Keno Card Front Bar Nikki Glamour Front Bar

Our Kids Room

Star Hotel Sale Entertainment Room